Carey Conference 1989


Upon completion of his theological education, Earl Blackburn was sent to Utah where he labored as a church planting missionary for seven years carrying the gospel to the Mormons. He was then called to Trinity Reformed Baptist Church in La Mirada, CA where he pastored for 22 years. He also served as Chairman of the Administrative Council of the Association of Reformed Baptist Churches of America (ARBCA) for eight years. He has traveled extensively preaching in Pastors Conferences in Europe, Africa, and Asia. He has contributed to the book Denominations or Associations, has written in a number of magazines, and has authored several booklets published by Reformed Baptist Publications including Covenant Theology: A Reformed Baptist Overview, Unconditional Election, Why You Should Join A Church, and Which Church Should You Join. He now pastors Heritage Baptist Church (SBC) in Shreveport, LA.

He and his wife Debby, with whom he has been married for 31 years, have one son Caleb who is studying architecture at California Polytechnic University in Pomona, CA.

Pastor Blackburn spoke on The Church of God.

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