Carey Conference 2017

mark_webb_thumb.jpgCarey 2017 was held at Braeside Camp in Paris from Aug 19-25. 

Our main speaker, Pastor Mark Webb, had been with us on two previous Carey Conferences, last speaking for us in 2005.  It was wonderful to have Pastor Webb back in 2017 and profit from the preached word, boldly applied and ably illustrated in his inimitable manner as it was.  Pastor Webb preached five messages from the book of Philippians in a series entitled How Should We Then Think?

solas.jpgIn 2017 the Christian world remembered the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther nailing the 95 theses to the church door in Wittenburg.  That action was the first in a series of divinely orchestrated events to reform the Christian church, to reclaim the gospel and recover Biblical teaching.  The morning and weekend sessions dealt with the foundational Christian principles rediscovered during the gracious, reforming work of God in His church five centuries ago in a series entitled the Five Solas.  We are the happy beneficiaries of God's reforming work and will praise Him for eternity for it.

The full conference program is available.

Plenary Sessions

Other Sessions